Hotway 3.5″ 8-Bay USB3.0 HDD/SSD Non-Raid Enclosure (H82-SU3S2-K)


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HDD sleep mode is synchronized with the PC’s power
Support HDD hot-swap
Internal power supply
Powers off in synchronization with PC
Fan easy to install & dismantle by users

10 Times Faster
The full-duplex data transfers capability allows the sending and receiving of data (at the same time) at 10 times faster than an equivalent card of USB 2.0 Standard. The maximum speed of USB 3.0 is 5Gbps, which enables the data transfer up to 25GB within a minute.

One Button Interface Selection
Flexible and alternative interface selection simply by pressing the button.

Powers off in synchronizatin with PC.

HDD X 8 (Supported)

All 8 HDDs are recognized when they are installed.

Comes with auto / manual modes & 3 levels of speed for best convention.

Smart Fan functions:
● Thermal-sensor built-in

●  Auto & manual modes

●  3 levels of speed

Fan easy to install & dismantle
You can change the fan with another identical fan.


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