Logitech C170 Webcam


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Camera Specifications:
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Connection Type USB
USB Type USB 2.0
UVC Support Yes
Microphone Yes
Microphone Type Mono
Lens and Sensor Type Plastic
Focus Type Fixed
Optical Resolution True 640×480, I1.3MP  nterpolated
Diagonal Field of View (FOV) 58°
Focal Length 2.3 mm
Image Capture (4:3 SD) 640×480, 1.3MP, 3MP, 5MP
Image Capture (16:9 W) 320×180, 360P
Video Capture (4:3 SD) 320×240, 640×480, 1024×768
Video Capture (16:9 W) 320×180, 360P
Frame Rate (max) 640×[email protected]
Right Light N/A
Video Effects (VFX) N/A
Buttons N/A
Indicator Lights (LED) Yes
Privacy Shade No
Tripod Mounting Option N/A
Universal Clip Adjustability (range) 71mm
Cable Length 4 Feet, 121.92 CM


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